About the podcast

Who are we?

We are seven friends/people that came to know each other through the field of Middle Eastern Studies. Some of us have already dived into working life, whereas others are busy writing their master thesis or simply both. All of us have engaged with the Near and Middle East in their Bachelor/Master through studies, research or travels. However, we all come from very different disciplines: from history, anthropology, archeology, urban studies, art history, journalism up until Islamic studies we cover a broad range of the humanities.

What do we do here?

Through our different study backgrounds we also have differing approaches and perspectives on topics around the Near and Middle East. During our masters, we often led more fervent discussion in the cafeteria than in the class room – sometimes about the horrible food, but mostly about political and social topics of relevance to us. By now we are spread all over the Orient and Occident and often continue our discussions and update us over Skype. This way an idea came to us: why not simply record it in form of a podcast?

What are we talking about?

When we talk about this region, we basically refer geographically to the space between the Middle East and North Africa. By all means, that’s a vast and very diverse region and we would never presume to know every angle of it. But we have put different focuses  within our group and would like to keep up talking about areas that are not so much in the media attention. Regarding content, we want to discuss topics, which form the society and politics of the people living there, as well as inform about historical developments.

For whom is it interesting?

Although European and Middle Eastern cultures are strongly influenced by each other, friends and family are often surprised, when we tell from our experiences and studies. Questions often arise, such as: ‘But is it safe to live there as a woman and don’t you have to wear a headscarf? Can you speak Arabic, because they probably don’t speak English? Have you ridden a camel to university?’ Especially migrants from the Middle East are currently turned into a political issue , though many people have no clue about the countries they are from. Our aspiration is therefore to provide information and reduce prejudices. In our podcast it doesn’t always have to be 100% politically correct. We also answer silly questions about the ‘camel transport system’, play with clichés and never forget a good deal of cynicism – but always stress the respectful dealing with different people and cultures.: #No fascism #No racism #No sexism!