• Fridays for Future Lebanon

    A collapsing garbage system, lack of education about environmental challanges, politically instrumentalized media and a revolution on top - what's at stake for the environment in Lebanon and how does Fridays for Future bring about change?

  • A Revolution of Music and Art in Lebanon

    What is the role that music and art played during the protests in Lebanon? How political can and should music be? And what ist the role of artists in revolutions? Julia discusses all of these questions with independent musicians in Beirut. Read more...

  • Women in the Lebanese Protests

    Women in Lebanon are the driving force behind the protests against the ruling elite. They are fighting not only against the corrupt system that prevents them from passing on their Lebanese nationality to their children, but also for the rights of LGBTQI+, refugees and migrants. An audio collage for the International Women's Day.

  • A Journey to Oman

    Last Friday, on January 13th, the ruler of Oman Sultan Qabus bin Said passed away. Nahostcast had only in December recorded an episode on the country and didn’t foresee this development. But in order to understand what this loss means to a country like Oman, it is even more important to provide an insight into its political and societal system. Read more...

  • What is Orientalism? – GER

    What do you think of, when you read, see or hear the word 'orient'? camels, desert, spices, food..? The term has a tremendous effect- and this itself is problematic. Together with Ayse from the association dis:orient we discuss the term orientalism. Read more...

  • The Use of Renewable Energy in Morocco – GER

    While Germany still discusses the 'climate package' and its prospective content, the turn towards renewable energy is already underway in Morocco and renders it a global example. But how does the energy transition look concretely? Our guest Salwa might provide some answers to this question. Read more...

  • Current topic: Syrians in Turkey – GER

    Due to the current happenings, Carlotta and Robin are discussing the situation of Syrian refugees in Turkey in this special episode. How is the political atmosphere ein the country? And what do Turkish and Syrian people think about the operation "source of peace"? Read more...

  • Shortage of Skilled Labour and a Doctor from Tunisia – GER

    Germany needs skilled labour - urgently! But how does it feel like for young skilled workers to come to Germany and work here? What is their motivation and challenges to do so? We have asked Amine, who is a doctor and Tunisian. Read more...

  • A Trip to Tripoli in Lebanon – GER

    Tripoli - that's the second biggest city in Lebanon and we want to pay her a visit in this episode. We dive into the busy market, try out traditional sweets and discover an architectural secret. Read more...

  • Taxi Drivers in Beirut – GER

    Driving taxi on the streets of Beirut - adventurous and without safety belt, but also an interesting object of research. Our sociologists Stella explains rules, social codes and strategies of the taxi world. Read more...

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