Fridays for Future Lebanon

For this Nahostcast episode we sat together with environmental activist Andrés Succar Rahme and discussed the Fridays for Future movement in Lebanon. Andrés was the first activist to organize a climate strike in the wider region, but is not the only one as of today.

Global Climate Strike in Lebanon. © Julia Neumann

In Lebanon itself, several environmental challenges have to betackled: In 2015 the waste management system collapsed, and the problem of waste piling up since decades is still not solved. An instrumentalisation of the media by political elites and a the lack of education of the population about the consequences of our lifestyle on the environment hinder the change. This is exactly where Fridays for Future (FFF) Lebanon comes into play, trying to raise awareness for climate justice with weekly protests, events and online webinars.

We talk about the central demands of the movement and how they should they be achieved. Are there links between other FFF initiatives in West Asia and North Africa? And how did the Lebanese protests since last October play into the movement?

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Hello, my name is Andrés Succar Rahme, I am a Venezuelan-Lebanese climate activist who quit university to fight for social equity (free access to education, specially) and climate justice. I’m passionate about literature, and love to get lost between Cedar trees with a book at hand!