On the Mics


Tatjana has studied Intercultural European and American studies, as well as history and Islamic studies in Halle (Saale), Erfurt and Lebanon. Her experiences in the Middle East lie mainly in Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Oman. By now she lives in Berlin, where she has finished her master thesis in the field of Afro-Asian cooperation. Next to her full-time job in the music business, she remains faithful to the Middle East and is interested in nomadic cultures, Levantine Diaspora communities and the region sub-Saharan Africa. She is also a great fan of documentaries and is trying out different sports.


Katrin has studied art history, archeology and political science in Freiburg, Jerusalem and Lebanon. Her special focus are the Israeli and Palestinian societies, as well as economic ties between the MENA-region and the EU. In the frame of her master thesis she has dealt with the inner Kurdish conflict in Iraqi Kurdistan and travelled several times to the autonomous Kurdish region to this end. Nowadays she works and lives in Berlin. She likes to do perception walks (and thanks to Carlotta she knows this terminus), often accompanied by her camera, and is also an enthusiastic biker.


Julia has studied journalism, politics, history and sociology of the Middle East, among others in Morocco and Lebanon. After volunteering with the daily newspaper taz, she now reports independently from Beirut on the Middle East and North Africa – especially about urban culture, gender and matters of social justice. For her master thesis she was researching in Egypt, where she did not only eat a lot of Koshari, but also interviewed correspondents and their mediators about their work.


Svenja has studied history and cultural anthropology in Mainz and been to Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Oman. She is the genuine historian within the group and has written her master thesis on Gertrude Bell and the British colonial policy in Iraq after the World War I. During her stays in the Middle East she has particularly grown fond of regional cuisine, which she has tried out herself many times. By now she can make a Fatteh al hummus that has earned the label “really good” by some Syrian friends (the highest title achievable!).


Carlotta has studied political science, urban anthropology, sociology and history between Hamburg, Istanbul, Berlin, Beirut and Erfurt. She follows up on discourses about urban planning in Istanbul, on constitutional changes in Lebanon or on art creation in Algeria. By choice either in French or English, but she also has her eyes fixed on taking up Tamazight – well, next to the perennial struggle with Arabic and Turkish…Her general interests: culture and politics, urban and area development as well as gender issues. Her home of choice for political, cultural and culinary research is the Mediterranean area.


Linda has studied anthropology, sociology, ancient times and history in Munich, Erfurt and Beirut. As an anthropologist she likes to dive into issues concerning migration and minorities in the Middle East or packs her backpack to go to Morocco, Egypt, Jordan or Iran. Last year she took a little detour over the South Caucasus and Central Asia, taking the opportunity to learn more about Islamic societies outside of the Middle East and about the post-Soviet area.


Robin has studied history and Arabic in Utrecht and is currently in a master on history and sociology of the Middle East in Erfurt. His main interests lie in regional languages like Arabic and Turkish, but he would also love to be fluent in Persian and Kurdish. He looks at language skills as absolutely essential, since there is way too much miscommunication between Europe and the Middle East. They cause people to think of cultural differences as unbridgeable and further prejudice. He has therefore worked as a teacher for refugees in the Netherlands and taken language courses himself in Turkey.