A Revolution of Music and Art in Lebanon

Copyright: Julia Neumann

In Lebanon, people took to the streets for a period of five months in order to protest against the corrupt political elite and for a solution to the financial crisis. The peaceful uprisings, called “thawra” (revolution) have also inspired non-commercial musicians to create new tracks. Julia has met independent musicians in Beirut and talked with them about the role of music in riots.

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Merhaba Nahostcast!
My name is Sami. I am a Lebanese writer, poet, composer and visual artist based in Beirut. I have studied at the London Film School in the early 1980s, and was apprenticed by legendary impresario Robert Blackwel in Los Angeles. In 2019 I have published a much lauded memoir, Heal the Boy, and in 1997 I have published L’homme à qui L’Ange Apparut, a collection of French poetry. Between 2000 and 2016 I was the musical designer and director of MAC Cosmetics. I have also written, composed and produced Martha Wash’s 2019 album Love & Conflict. Currently I am working on a third fictional novel and on a sophomore album to be released this year.

Hey, my name is Layal. I am a Beirut-based independent animator and graphic designer. Besides bringing visuals to life, I have a passion for singing, setting out on a journey of self-discovery as an upcoming solo artist.

Hello, my name is Tom Hornig. I am American by birth but married to a Lebanese. I have lived and worked as a music educator in Beirut for nearly two decades. In 1994 I was named Professor at Lebanon’s National Conservatory of Music and am the principle Saxophonist of the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra. I played my first concert with them in 2000, and have made nearly thirty appearances with the Philharmonic Orchestra since then. I have also been at the forefront of social activism in Beirut for many years with my personal campaign to reform Lebanon’s 1925 Nationality Law that has kept my daughter from receiving Lebanese Nationality from her Lebanese mother even though she has lived her entire life in Lebanon.